Program Components


Because today's workplaces require workers to have higher levels of technical skills than ever before, career and technical education is increasingly in demand. Career and Technical education teachers require a depth of knowledge of both their core discipline pedagogy and the discipline’s industry standards. The SVA program addresses the critical need for these types of teachers.

The program is designed to prepare its candidates through a three-fold training approach over five years. These three components include the following

2 Years

of mentored teaching

  • Apprentices learn the dynamics of teaching under the supervision of an expert teacher for a high school semester.
  • Apprentices are required to design and deliver a minimum of two lessons per week.

3 Years

of industry experience

  • Apprentices are immersed in the industry setting, following the working hours and rules of a company for 12 to 14 months.
  • Apprentices receive day to day experience on the job, in supervision of trained industry professionals.

5 Years

of College courses*

  • Apprentices complete the necessary pedagogical coursework and college requisites necessary to be licensed by the New York State Education Department as a CTE teacher.
  • 44 credits of tuition are paid for by the Success Via Apprenticeship Program.

Apprentices in the Success Via Apprenticeship Program enjoy:

Competitive salary
Full health benefits
Generous sick leave policy
UFT (United Federation of Teachers) Membership
44 credits of tuition covered by NYC Dept. of Education

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